The Reinhardt Biomedical Imaging Lab focuses on the use of advanced imaging techniques and image processing and analysis methods to study problems at the interfaces between engineering, medicine, and biology.

Recent News

Cross-sectional CT images with annotated regions of abnormalities

New COVID CT dataset with expert annotations available

Thursday, July 11, 2024
A project led by Dr. Diedre Carmo has just released a set of CT images of COVID-19 subjects, along with expert annotations of anomalous regions, for use in developing automatic segmentation algorithms.

Paper on cross volume computed tomography image synthesis published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Faizyab Chaudhary just published a paper in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging entitled "LungViT: Ensembling Cascade of Texture Sensitive Hierarchical Vision Transformers for Cross-Volume Chest CT Image-to-Image Translation". He developed a generative adversarial framework for estimating CT image intensities of expiratory CT images from the inspiratory CT images.